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About Us

Angkor Bayon Rice Co., Ltd's Story

Angkor Bayon Rice Co., Ltd is a new startup Company name from PHOUR KOKKY RICE MILL, located in Bakan district, Pursat province, the kingdom of Cambodia, which provides top quality rice to the local and international markets since 1990. We are family business and expanding our capacity milling, and drying from year to year to meet our buyers with exceeding their expectations by offering premium quality rice, competitive price, and good services.

In the middle of 2019, we expanded and set up ANGKOR BAYON RICE CO., LTD to better facilitate the exportation to the international market. ANGKOR BAYON RICE CO., LTD is rice producer and trader.


To bring Cambodian premium quality rice with competitive prices, and good services to the global market.


To achieve this vision, ANGKOR BAYON RICE CO., LTD, does not only have good enough facilities to mill and reprocessing in order to have good quality rice but also consistently working with the farmer community to have good quality pure seed to ensure our quality is more steady to the consumer.

We have specialized producing top quality rice such as Cambodian Premium jasmine rice, fragrant rice ( Sen Kro ob),