(+855) 89 584 563 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00 Kroul Krobey Village, Tropaing Chorng, Bakan District, Pursat Province, Cambodia

Our Facilities

Our Factory Land Facility

The Landed Area over five hectares the long side of nation road # 5 and location at Kroul krabey Village , Trapaing Chorng Commune , Bakan District , Pursat Province

Our Dryer Facility

Our capacity grain drying equipment 1000 tons of wet paddy per days
Right after screening the good Moisture paddy, all inputs shall be dried into the dryer reducing the level from 24%-30% down to the standard of 14% maximum. ANGKOR BAYON RICE Co., LTD two-set Dryers— SUNCUE, Taiwan, and South Korea branded produce 1000 Tons/ day of well-dried rice. The company’s principle in paddy collection is to purchase good and moisture paddy from farmers, traders, and/ or millers. This could ensure the quality of paddy for milling and refining, producing good-quality and efficient milled rice for both domestic and overseas suppliers.

Our Warehouse Facility

Our storage capacity of Warehouse up to 60000 tons of Paddy and 20000 tons of Mill rice

Our Milling Facility

Milling facility, which includes cleaning line, is installed by using the latest technology of with the efficient output capacity of 15Tons/ hour Through the high-tech milling machine, and from screened & dried raw material, milled rice output is of good quality, glossy, full round kernel with no streak. The rice can be stored for a long period of time with the constancy of unchanged color, brightness and glossiness as the rice is not streaked with bran.

Our Packing Facility and Quality control

Clean & Spacious Packing Area Ensure ANGKOR BAYON RICE CO., LTD. are always kept clean to highest standard ready loading at any given moment.